Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summery Tropical Print Manicure

Last week I raved about my favorites from the summer, including Zoya Purity.  One day, I was wearing Purity as a plain white manicure, which was very elegant and sophisticated.  The following day I had a fun summer fling to attend and thought I should spice up my manicure.  I pondered what to add to white...aka. was overwhelmed by the endless possibilities.  Then I grabbed Zoya Ali and googled "hot pink" and found a tropical floral design to inspire me.
 Yikes!  Ali is bright when painted over white!  I love Ali's semi-matte finish and didn't want to add a topcoat, so here she is in all her glory.
 A shot from further away, just for kicks;)

The following night, upon arriving home, I decided to add one coat of Zoya Coraline (from the Blogger Collection by Birchbox) to see how it would affect the manicure.  I love how jelly nail polishes can transform a manicure. 
It kind of reminds me of a tropical print shirt that you would wear on vacation.  I actually used to have a tropical print sarong that kind of looked like this. This picture was taken at night using a flash, but it is still a pretty accurate depiction of the colors.

Zoya nail polishes retail $8 from their website.  Set up a Zoya account to receive LOVE points and promo codes. 

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