Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NYC Classic Coral Creme

I do not know about you, but I'm loving the brights right now.  With this influx of chilly weather, the bright bold polishes are definitely making it seem like spring again!  

WARNING: I LOVE coral polishes!  SO if you dislike coral, I apologize for the insane amount of coral polishes I own:-\

*phew* Now that, that's over;)

Today's polish is weird.  I cannot wrap my mind around it.  It's NYC New York Color Classic Coral Creme. #1 This polish is not exactly coral.  It's more of a HOT molten pink that looks coral in some lighting (like in my photos).  #2 This polish is NOT a creme/cream.  #3 It's weird, so I would never say it's "classic."

BASICALLY, it's name is a lie.  See for yourself...
 Here is a shot so you can get a better look at the foil in this bright polish.
The Verdict:
This polish is GORGEOUS.  It's best described as a hot pink, jelly-like, foil polish.  Yes it is a jelly and a foil (hence the visible nail line after 3 coats).  This lovely is very on-trend with a lot of the brights we've been seeing this season.  The application was very easy.  I would recommend wearing this polish with a topcoat (I did not and had a bit of tip wear-nothing too significant-after 1 day).

NYC New York Color polishes can be found at most pharmacies.  These lovelies retail for about $0.99 each!  So go get this beauty;)

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