Friday, April 13, 2012

Sharing the RED Love: Zoya Vanessa

I LOVE red polishes.  I know that many people do not.  I love how reds can lean orangey, purple, and pink.  I love the variety of finishes from creams to jellies and even glitters and flakies.  I have 3 lovely reds to share with you this week.  Each is different in its own right and I have unfortunately not conveyed my love for these lovelies enough.

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "v," the number "13," any the color RED.  Meet the red that I wore for Thanksgiving:
Zoya Vanessa is described as "Soft but saturated dark pink berry creme with red undertones. A delicious berry shade that looks very polished."  This color is exactly that an irresistible red berry color.  So irresistable in fact, that I have used it in some of my favorite manicures including my v-gap manicure and tutorial.

The Verdict:
This lovely color applied so smoothly. It was love at first stroke;)  This is my current favorite red (I have Zoya America but still haven't worn her *gasp*).  Out of every brand I have ever tried, Zoya does red the best.  The reds are always saturated but never stain, they are buttery to apply, AND they're always interesting.  I have yet to find a company that rivals Zoya's reds.  I just wish Zoya would agree to let me swatch & compare ALL of their reds;)  hahahaha, I can dream:P

This polish can be purchased from for $8.00.


  1. Who doesn't love reds?? I love reds, they feel sexy no matter the shade!

  2. Oh so beautiful! I love Zoya's! I'm waiting on my birchbox to come in this month because a lot of people have gotten a Zoya in it again. I'm hoping I do.