Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watercolor Manicure

I recently entered the spring nail art competition by beautystat.  I chose to do a watercolor manicure to showcase some beautiful polishes and this great technique.  Take a look at my entry and what I said on the site: 
"My watercolor manicure was inspired by pastels and light, airy spring and summer fabrics.  Watercolor nails look gorgeous against the spring trends and can be done in various hues of one color or in a variety of colors. I painted all of my nails with Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat topped with two coats of Sally Hansen in Pure White.  I applied Lumos High Speed Top Coat and waited for the polish to dry.  I chose a series of colors that I wanted to watercolor with.  My colors of choice were: PritiNYC in California Bluebell (a dark periwinkle), Essie in Barefoot in Blue (a light periwinkle), Diamond Cosmetics in Don’t Teal My Heart Away (a medium teal), Rimmel London in Sunset Orange (a bright, orange-y coral), and China Glaze in Champagne Bubbles (a warm, yellow gold). Starting with the first polish mentioned, I placed a few small drips of polish on a nail, one nail at a time.  With a nail art (or small paint) brush that was dipped in nail polish remover, I smeared the polish around the nail.  I continued this process with each color on every nail.  When completed, I topped my nails with one last coat ofLumos High Speed Top Coat to set the polish."

I made it as a finalist and I am super surprised!  I would LOVE your support/votes.  It's super easy you just have to comment on this post. You're more than welcome to vote for someone else too:) 

Thank you so much! (Mine is the watercolor manicure by Kate).


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    1. Jenna, thank you to much:) (for your compliment & the vote)

  2. This is so unique! I haven't seen anything like it yet!

    http://brittanyssecret.blogspot.com ♥

    1. Awe, thanks Brittany. It wan't too tricky either, you should totally give it a whirl!