Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink Week: Sparrow Me The Drama

This week has been deemed "Pink Week."  My posts will feature a pink-ish polish that has not yet gained its due recognition:)  

This is the last of my under-recognized pink polishes.  Today I present to you an itty bitty baby (mini) polish.  I received this polish as a set with 4 other mini friends from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides Collection (2011).  This polish was given to me graciously by Danielle of PrincessPolish.  Without further adieu, OPI Sparrow Me The Drama:
Sparrow Me the Drama is a dusty medium pink cream polish.  It had a very glossy finish but took 3 coats for full, even coverage.  This pretty springy pink has hints of grey and lavender in certain lighting.  

The Verdict:
Sparrow Me the Drama is a lovely pink.  It is a versatile pink that can probably hold its own during any season.  I found this tiny beauty to be easy to apply, but I just wished it took fewer coats.  It is very flattering against my pale wintery skin.  If you need an ageless pretty pink that will flatter nearly everyone check this little lovely out!

You may still be able to locate this mini collection on Amazon, eBay, or at a local beauty supply store that doesn't get rid of inventory quickly or ever.  This polish can be bought here, prices vary.

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