Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pink Week: Rimmel London Pink Zinfandel

This week has been deemed "Pink Week."  My posts will feature a pink-ish polish that has not yet gained its due recognition:)

Today I will feature Pink Zinfandel of Rimmel London's nail polish line:
Pink Zinfandel is a frosted light glowing mauve.  This polish is beautiful and the color tends to shift.  It can seem very pink at times and at other times it takes on more of a shimmery beige.  Initially, I had a strong dislike to this polish on my nails, however it grew on me after wearing it for a while.

The Verdict:
While I love a great glass of wine, this polish did not satisfy my appetite.  The pigmenting was lovely and it only needed 2 coats to reach full opacity.  Additionally, the brush was wonderous!  This polish is great for occasions when you don't want you tips to stand out too much.  My main reason for not falling in love with this lovely was the frosted finish (which only left minimal brush strokes).  My mom LOVES this polish.  It fits her taste much better, maybe it's more refined than mine like an aged wine;)

Rimmel London polishes can be found at any pharmacy or drug store location where Rimmel London cosmetics are sold.


  1. I love the color! It really does look like Pink Zinfadel to me! I don't normally gravitate towards Mauve either,but you make it look so pretty,Kate!