Monday, May 14, 2012

All That Glitters...Barielle Gold Digger

Confession: I am afraid of glitter polishes.

I LOVE glitter polishes in the bottle.  I LOVE the potentially amazing things you can do and create with glitter polishes.  BUT they're a pain to take off & sometimes they make me feel like a little kid.

This week I am going to share with you my silver, gold, & glittery friends that do not get the credit that they deserve.  "All That Glitters.." week has already taught me to love my glitters more.  Check it out:

All That Glitters is...
Barielle Gold Digger
Barielle describes Gold Digger as "gold w/ sparkles."  This is not exactly how I would define this polish.  I believe that saying it is a metallic gold polish that sparkles in sunlight, would be a better description.  Although, I see that "sparkles" is accurate looking at this picture, eventhough many of us jump to the term GLITTER when we hear sparkles:)

The Verdict:
Meet one of my favorite gold polishes (I have 2 favorites).  I love how neutral and wearable this gold is.  At times I feel as though some metallic shades can be really in your face.  I understand that many people enjoy polishes to be like this, but I prefer this as it compliments my skin tone nicely.  The application was extremely smooth and it was streak free.  This is only ONE coat of this beauty, I know that I could have used 2 but it still looks great.  This polish borders "gilver" (gold/silver) as it is not a very yellowy gold.  I recommend this lovely little polish if you haven't already found a great gilver.

Barielle nail polish can be purchased from their website and retails for $8.00 each.  ALSO Barielle sends out special offers often so be sure to sign up for their email list!

***Barielle is hosting a manicure contest on their facebook page Monday through Thursday this week!***

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