Monday, May 7, 2012

I've Got the Blues--Barielle Berry Blue

Hello loves!  This week I will be featuring polishes that are my favorite color: BLUE!  Strangely enough, although blue is my favorite color, finding a blue polish I like is a bit of a problem.  Many of you are aware of my cool pale skintone which can morph a blue at times.  And to complicate things, my lovely plethora of freckles are warm toned.  Basically, I'm a picky blue polish wearer.  This week I will share my favorite blue polishes with you:)

Blue polish #1:
Barielle Berry Blue
Barielle describes this beauty as a "creamy navy blue."  This picture shows 2 coats, and it is evident that I should have used 3.  Also this blue has the consistency of a jelly.  This is important to know, as one should allow for more time between coats (which again I didn't do).

The Verdict:
I love the pigmentation of this polish.  This blue is a bright and vibrant almost cobalt shade in sunlight and turns to a navy in shadows.  This is my all time favorite color of blue (this and navy).  The only problem with this polish guess it, staining:-\ This polish did NOT stain my nails because I used 2 coats of an amazing basecoat. However, if it touches your skin you will turn into a smurf.  But seriously, a bright blue squishy jelly-ish creme = must-have...don't disappoint it;)

Barielle nail polish can be purchased from their website and retails for $8.00 each.  ALSO Barielle sends out special offers often so be sure to sign up for their email list!

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