Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playing with Polish--Hydrangeas

I love flowers.  I also love arranging flowers.

Fun fact: I arranged all of the flowers used for my wedding without having any prior experience.  It was so much fun.

One of the many types of flowers I used were hydrangeas.  Their little flowers are so lovely all clustered together.  I was looking at flowers on pinterest recently (for no real reason) and became inspired to try some hydrangea nail art.  Here it is...
I used Zoya Megan as a base and then carefully painted delicate overlapping blossoms on my ring finger in a white polish.  I then included some drifting individual blossoms on my middle and pinky (my thumb looked similar to my ring finger, but with the flowers clustered more toward the tip rather than the nail base).

This is so springy to me.  I actually really like this manicure and I cannot wait to try it again:)


  1. I love the base color u've used.... we dont get such products in India

    1. Thank you, Ann. I hope some day soon you do!

  2. Cute mani! The flowers look so sweet and so modern on the grey :)