Friday, May 18, 2012

All That Glitters...Tuff Scent Wisdom

Confession: I am afraid of glitter polishes.

I LOVE glitter polishes in the bottle.  I LOVE the potentially amazing things you can do and create with glitter polishes.  BUT they're a pain to take off & sometimes they make me feel like a little kid.

This week I am going to share with you my silver, gold, & glittery friends that do not get the credit that they deserve.  "All That Glitters.." week has already taught me to love my glitters more.  Check it out:

All That Glitters is...
Tuff Scent Wisdom
I picked this beauty for today, as it is my sister's college graduation day so the name was very fitting.  Tuff Scent Wisdom is a clear yellow jelly packed with tiny pieces of gold glitter.  This is one coat (as it has been with all of the glitters this week).  Wisdom builds up for complete coverage in 3 coats AND smells like grapefruit:)

The Verdict:
I LOVE this gold glitter.  I love that it can be worn both sparse and full coverage.  The grapefruit scent is wonderful, it brightens your day no matter what.

Tuff Scent polishes each have their own yummy, unique scent and can be purchased online for $10.00 each with FREE SHIPPING on online purchases.


  1. i can see why you love it. the color is sooo pretty. i love all of your nail inspirations. you have a new follower on google, and i would be honored you connected with me, too. :) cheers! :)

    1. Thank you Jasmine:) I will be sure to connect with you as well!