Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May--New Zoya Share the Love Points Items

This month's offers/items for your Share the Love Points are as follows:

**This image is from Zoya's blog**

ALSO important to note: 

The reward received when you set up an online account from someone's personal link has been updated.  The new incentive is a coupon for a FREE Bottle of Zoya Nail Polish!  This will automatically be placed into a new customer's account (instead of a $5 off coupon) & it can be used immediately on the current order. 

Tip: If this coupon for creating a NEW account is used, 2 or more polishes can be added to the order to receive an extra BONUS of free shipping! That is $16 for 3 polishes with FREE shipping!

If you don't have a Zoya account, sign up today so you don't miss out on awesome offers!

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