Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've Got the Blues--essie barefoot in blue

Hello loves!  This week I will be featuring polishes that are my favorite color: BLUE!  Strangely enough, although blue is my favorite color, finding a blue polish I like is a bit of a problem.  Many of you are aware of my cool pale skintone which can morph a blue at times.  And to complicate things, my lovely plethora of freckles are warm toned.  Basically, I'm a picky blue polish wearer.  This week I will share my favorite blue polishes with you:)

Bluey #2 is...
essie barefoot in blue

This is such a pretty blue!  It's definitely a light blue that reminds me of clear, spring, sunny, blue skies.  This beauty is a limited edition polish that was given away by Toms and essie for Toms' One Day Without Shoes campaign.  On April 10, I went without shoes for the day and wore this beauty on by toes.  I also recently purchased my first pair of Toms.  Fun fact, Toms donates and distributes one pair of shoes for each one pair you buy every and any day.

The Verdict:
This pretty polish brightens any gloomy day.  I was very concerned about this polish at first.  My first coat was very thin and uneven.  It ended up settling itself and covering quite evenly, this is 2 coats.  The formulation and pigmentation was good and there was no staining.  I think everyone needs one beautiful blue like this one.  It makes me want to have a picnic!

Do you have a favorite sky blue shade?

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