Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've Got the Blues--Revlon Whimsical

Hello loves!  This week I will be featuring polishes that are my favorite color: BLUE!  Strangely enough, although blue is my favorite color, finding a blue polish I like is a bit of a problem.  Many of you are aware of my cool pale skintone which can morph a blue at times.  And to complicate things, my lovely plethora of freckles are warm toned.  Basically, I'm a picky blue polish wearer.  This week I will share my favorite blue polishes with you:)

Blue #3...
Revlon Whimsical
**I know that everyone and their mother and sister and aunt's friend's first cousin's wife have posted on this polish.  It's one of my "blue" favorites though so you'll have to deal with it one more time;)**
This is a light blue jelly with light pink and light aqua hexagonal glitter suspended throughout.  There is also fine light pink and aqua glitter within this squishy blue base.  The above shot shows 3 layers of Revlon Whimsical on all nails.  And here she is layered over essie barefoot in blue (1 coat):
The Verdict:
This polish is fun and...well...whimsical;)  It's definitely best for layering.  It looks amazing layered over Zoya Kristen (but I forgot to take a picture!).  While I love this polish, I also do not believe that it deserves all of the crazy hype it got in the late winter.  Additionally, it was hard to get the glitter to apply evenly (see first shot).  But nonetheless, I love this concoction as it reminds me of birthday parties and cupcakes.  While this is not necessarily a must-have, it is fun and can be layered many ways.  

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