Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playing with Polish--Tribal

You get a BONUS post for today:)

This is what happens when I take on a challenge, I get messy and crazy!
This week Barielle is hosting a mani-pedi contest on their facebook page (something they do often).  So I figured I'd give it my best shot & enter.  I racked my brain and came up with this random tribal print.  This manicure is 2 coats of Back to Nature as a base coat.  I followed that by making stripes with Eli's Magic and other paint blobs and lines with End of the Rainbow.  I outlined and added details with Berry Blue and finished it with some Gold Digger details.
It's a bit messy and a tad crazy, but it was fun.  I entered and so far I'm one of the only entries that isn't just a solid paint job or layering.  And the down side to their facebook contests is that they're popularity contests so usually the first entry or the person with the most followers wins.  *sigh* Oh well, this was still a BLAST:)

Have you tried a tribal print manicure?

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  1. Can we vote for you somewhere or did I miss that on your K post? If we can let me know. Great job, much cool fun aka love it.

  2. Great Job and very creative and I hope you win<3 Love, Linda

  3. Awesome and super great colors and unique pattern, and very creative Good Luck and God Bless
    your friend, Linda