Thursday, May 10, 2012

I've Got the Blues--Priti NYC Cali. Bluebell

Hello loves!  This week I will be featuring polishes that are my favorite color: BLUE!  Strangely enough, although blue is my favorite color, finding a blue polish I like is a bit of a problem.  Many of you are aware of my cool pale skintone which can morph a blue at times.  And to complicate things, my lovely plethora of freckles are warm toned.  Basically, I'm a picky blue polish wearer.  This week I will share my favorite blue polishes with you:)

Here is blue #4:
Priti NYC Californian Bluebell

Priti NYC describes Californian Bluebell as a "bright glossy grayish blue."  This color is calming yet vibrant.  This is 2 coats of this dusty blue delight.

The Verdict:
This color makes me smile.  I love how bright yet soothing it is.  This is another blue that does not stain in any way:)  The formula is buttery smooth and the pigmentation helps to build the polish nicely (first coat was very thin, sheer, and streaky).  This is another multi-seasonal polish but I find myself drawn to it most as seasons change.  I wore it in my transition between winter & spring and LOVED it.  

Priti NYC polishes can be purchased from their website and retail at $12.50 each.

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