Thursday, May 3, 2012

Playing with Polish--Summer Safari

For this round of playing with polish, I was inspired by this picture:

I LOVE giraffes.  So I was on a mission to recreate this bright giraffe print into a summer safari manicure.  Here is how mine turned out...
It's not too bad.  I couldn't decide what colors to use, so I stuck with a bunch of random Zoyas.  The accent nail includes Zoya America, Paz, Wednesday, Edyta, Vanessa, and Ali.  My other nails have 2 coats of Paz topped with 1 coat of Coraline.  This was a lot of fun.  I love drawing direct inspiration from pictures or objects I have.  After looking at this picture for a bit, I'm not sure if it looks like a giraffe or just stained glass.  Whatever, it's fun:)

If you'd like me to attempt to turn a picture or object into a fun nail art attempt, let me know.  I love the challenge!  Have you ever drawn direct inspiration like this?

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