Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All That Glitters...essie Shine of the Times

Confession: I am afraid of glitter polishes.

I LOVE glitter polishes in the bottle.  I LOVE the potentially amazing things you can do and create with glitter polishes.  BUT they're a pain to take off & sometimes they make me feel like a little kid.

This week I am going to share with you my silver, gold, & glittery friends that do not get the credit that they deserve.  "All That Glitters.." week has already taught me to love my glitters more.  Check it out:

All That Glitters is...
essie Shine of the Times

I am completely aware that Shine of the Times is a flakie, but the shift does hit gold at some points:)  I love how flakies dress up a manicure.  Above you can see one coat of shine of the times over a dark polish and over a light colored polish.

The Verdict:
I know flakies are a "fad" but this is a fad that I will take any and every day over shatter/crackles.  This beauty applied like butter.  I love how it transforms over different colors.  My biggest problem with flakies (in general) is that sometimes they "sink" into polish  making it not look smooth even after it is completely dry.  Also they can be annoying to remove (though not as bad as glitters).  If you don't have a flakie, I would definitely recommend this one, it's so beautiful!  I love how it made my fingernails look like little opals.

Essie polishes can be purchased for about $8.00 each and can be found at most pharmacies and grocery stores with beauty departments.

Do you have a favorite flakie?

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